Uncharted 4 A Thief's End Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (Treasure - PS4)

For this sequel, Naughty Dog is still at the controls and development is announced in early 2008 (but we suspect that the first tracks of the game arrived before) for a release at the end of 2009. Of the 22 months of development, six were used on pre-production, first to design the story that the studio wanted more ambitious than the previous game, by involving the entire cast of the original episode embellished with additional heads such as Chloé. Pre-production was also used to offer various ideas for gameplay and contexts, without any real constraints. The famous moving train sequence was the most complicated to manage: it was the first to be developed and the last to end. Naughty Dog chose to make sure that it was really the train that moves and not the scenery (as in any other game), which caused many strange bugs and forced the team to consolidate the game's engine.

Indeed, having 50 wagons moving at the same time gave serious headaches to the team, especially by combining all this with the gameplay of the game, such as the grenades that returned to the trunk of the player (not nice). Nine months before the game's release, the title still had serious frame-rate problems: understand, the game had big latency issues. The developers have worked hard to solve these problems and arrive at a constant 30 fps. The famous sequence presented at E3 2009 (the excellent chase with the helicopter that calmed everyone down) was fine-tuned to death before the presentation: a wrong camera direction would have been catastrophic for the demo. Even if the game managed to be finished on time, the team could not add everything that was planned in post-production (particle effects...), even if it is not frankly visible on the final product. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves was released in October 2009 on PS3 and left the video game world completely on the buttocks.

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A few years after the first adventure, Nathan Drake finds Finn, an old acquaintance who embarks him on the flight of a museum piece in Istanbul, which could lead them on the trail of a legendary treasure coveted by Marco Polo himself. They are helped by Chloe, a fine teammate who already knows Drake and has a slightly more intimate relationship than simple makeshift comrades. But arriving in the museum, Finn betrays Drake and retrieves the treasure map to associate with a war criminal named Lazarevitch. Nathan ends up in a Turkish prison. Sully makes use of his connections to free him and after a short stint in Borneo, Drake arrives in Nepal in search of the fabulous city of Shangri-La, hidden in the country. The city is attacked by Lazarevitch's forces, but Nate can count on the help of Chloe as well as Elena, in the middle of a war report, but slightly disappointed following a relationship between the two that ended badly.

After the first episode in halftone, Naughty Dog decides to roll up his sleeves and goes up a good notch at all levels. Uncharted 2 shines with a thousand lights technically speaking, offering at the time mind-boggling graphics, and even still does very well thanks to the Drake Collection edition released on PS4. The first video where Drake has to get out of a train suspended in the void, which acts as an introduction, left everyone behind during his first presentation, offering an unprecedented rendering for in-game. Rebelote with the fabulous race-chase on the Nepalese rooftops and this crazy helicopter swinging the sauce at all costs. Uncharted 2 explodes all counters compared to the first pane from a graphical point of view.

But it is above all by the staging and the variety of contexts that he impresses. Where the first opus was content with a framework that is repeated endlessly (while nevertheless managing to diversify on the second half), the second part multiplies the extreme situations by leaving no respite to the player. I was talking above about the pursuit of the helicopter, but we will not forget all the levels on the train, incredible tension and fun, the pursuit at the edge of a cliff among a convoy of vehicles, the game of hide-and-seek with a tank in a remote village or the discovery of the famous city towards the last part of the game. Everything is done to disorient the player to the maximum and extreme (too much for the detractors) and we simply have the impression of living a real adventure film, without letting the player watch cutscenes. The scripted sequences are almost transparent, and a jump between two seemingly easy buildings has the pretension to confirm Drake's reputation as a dirty pea. The famous "no no no!!" that is attributed to him is definitely not usurped, but this is what makes the charm of the character.

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And that's also why we love the series. Beyond all the action-adventure games of the genre with common and replaceable heroes, Unchartedis above all colourful characters, characters and personalities for whom we literally take affection. Nate, Elena, Sully, Chloé, all these faces are engraved in the minds of the players and the dialogues well thought out by their naturalness and their casualness finish this panel of adventure films. When Chloe meets Elena for the first time, she swings a little "Hi, I'm last year's model". A little spade among many others proves how well the characters are written, and that women are not mere showpieces. But we are slowly beginning to perceive the leitmotif of the saga, namely how far will Drake go to satisfy his thirst for treasure and discovery, however good it may be?

It is Chloe who will repeatedly come to reason with him about his actions and Drake's propensity to want to save everyone. Less accomplished than in the third part, Nate has the ability to get into trouble without ever worrying about the consequences but constantly making sure not to let anyone die. The license has always pushed forward the character differences of the characters to confront Drake with his mistakes. And even if this aspect is literally drowned out by the spectacular nature of the adventures, we will note a desire to give body to the hero and not to make him a simple adventurer.

As for the gameplay, we are in familiar terrain and it is the part that has changed the least compared to its big brother. We will nevertheless note a more advanced infiltration (it is possible to eliminate practically all the enemies of an arena), but a little random since without real elements to know if we are spotted or not, coupled with an AI of enemies who can be sometimes idiots like butter knives, sometimes as sensitive as a watchdog. We also find a richer melee system, the ability to launch gas cylinders before shooting at them and especially types of enemies that we learn very quickly to differentiate to approach them differently. The riddles are revised upwards and also promise nice points of view in the temples, not hesitating to use Nepalese and Asian culture to offer sumptuous scenery, where the climb, widely highlighted in this episode, will be used to reach unsuspected places.

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But the game is not without flaws. We will easily plague against a final boss very uninspired and quickly heavy, but we will also see jumps of animations for Drake who will always make unrealistic movements to compensate for the WTF situations he faces. Drake is a superman, like many other characters, but with no special ability (he did not make the army, did not undergo any special training) justifies the fact that he manages to decimate an army on his own while climbing buildings so easily. Never mind, we don't care. Uncharted is simply here to entertain us by telling an exciting story to follow. It's not necessarily as well written as a Last of Us, but it's catchy enough to fulfil its role perfectly, and that's all we ask of it.

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves marks a turning point in the saga. It is the episode that clearly defined its codes and sublimated them, adding everything it lacked in its first version. It will be necessary to ignore purely realistic considerations to just immerse yourself in a perfectly prowled adventure, with highly sympathetic characters and staging in tune. A real pleasure of player, a pure moment of adventure with a big A, which totally disorients by its lightness and its mastery at all levels. Simply a must-have.