TFT patch 11.24 early notes: Chemtech rework, Katarina & Vex nerfs, more

TFT patch 11.24 is coming with a big Chemtech trait rework, nerfs to Katarina, Trundle, and Vex, plus more: Here's the patch notes. The post TFT patch 11.24 early notes: Chemtech rework, Katarina & Vex nerfs, more appeared first on Dexerto.

TFT patch 11.24 early notes: Chemtech rework, Katarina & Vex nerfs, more
Lissandra in TFT Set 6

TFT patch 11.24 is around the corner, and Riot is making some big changes after a relatively small first Set 6 update. The Chemtech trait is getting reworked, units like Lissandra and Fiora are getting buffed, and reroll Katarina, Trundle, and Vex will be nerfed among others ⁠— here’s what we know about the December 8 update.

The good times keep rolling with TFT Set 6. Gizmos & Gadgets has landed well with players and Riot, but with the meta now settling in, Riot wants to add even more diversity.

Step aside Samira, Yone, and Urgot: New carries like Lissandra and Fiora are on Riot’s buff list for TFT patch 11.24. So too is the Chemtech trait, and specific Augments.

Here’s what we know about TFT patch 11.24 so far, due to launch on December 8.

Seraphine in League of Legends
Riot Games
Seraphine is one of three carries Riot want to buff in TFT patch 11.24.

When is TFT patch 11.24?

There’ll be a bit of a longer delay between 11.23 and TFT patch 11.24 ⁠— the next update is scheduled to release on Wednesday, December 8. The three-week cycle comes as Riot slows down production over the holiday period.

Servers usually shutdown at around 5am local time (depending on location), and open back up at 8am. Oceania will be the first region to get the patch, with notes typically dropping as the update starts in Australia. Then, the global rollout begins across the next 24 hours.

What’s coming in TFT patch 11.24?

New Heart, Crest, and Soul Augments buff up traits

While the new Augments system is strong ⁠— especially some of the trait ones ⁠— it can come at un-opportune times. You can be locked into a comp early on with one of the Heart, Crest, and Soul buffs, and then just not hit later on.

This is a big issue in Riot’s eyes, and one they’re tackling with some buffs. “We’re buffing almost all of the trait augments so they will be more appealing choices, especially at 1-4 and especially Prismatic versions,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer told players on November 17.

Now, some of the Heart, Crest, and Soul Augments will offer champions and gold alongside so you can more effectively build out your desired trait. There is also a new Crown Prismatic Augment set, which will give you two Emblems you can equip onto units (great for traits like Chemtech).

Chemtech gets rework after just two patches

Chemtech is the first trait in TFT Set 6 primed to get a major rework. In an attempt to “open up new options and build paths”, Riot are changing Chemtech from being a time-based upgrade to a stat-based one.

The rework is similar to changes made to Divine in Set 4. The flat eight second boost will now give bonus attack speed and health regen, maxing out at a bonus 100% attack speed and 10% health per second at 9 Chemtech. The Chemtech Augments will likely be adjusted to fit the reworked trait too.

While Urgot and Warwick have been somewhat popular, Chemtech as a trait overall hasn’t been popular. These changes might make the trait somewhat more desirable as a vertical though, with a big stat boost at higher tiers.

Urgot's splash artUrgot has been by far the most popular Chemtech carry, but the rework might entice players to try other units.

Katarina and Trundle reroll nerfed hard, Vex also targeted

Although nerfed in TFT patch 11.23b, Katarina reroll still sits atop the TFT meta tier list. Two-cost reroll has been the name of the game this patch (as well as Innovators and Arcanists, but more on that in a second), as Katarina and Trundle have dominated lobbies.

However, the two reroll carries will be nerfed in TFT patch 11.24 again to try and quell their influence. Vex, arguably the best tank champion in the set, is also primed for nerfs, as well as the all-powerful Innovator comp.

Jinx, Viktor, Taric, Ekko, and Garen are all primed to face Riot’s nerf hammer in the update too. Exact numbers are yet to be confirmed.

Lissandra and Fiora buffs planned to diversify carry selection

While the early days of TFT Set 6 have been characterized by a few specific carries ⁠— Samira, Urgot, and Yone to name the big ones ⁠— Riot wants to add to that list.

More three and four-cost carries are getting buffed in TFT patch 11.24, including Lissandra, Fiora, and Seraphine. “We’ll be focusing on increasing diversity amongst carries that aren’t currently working as carries,” Mortdog said.

Exact changes are yet to be announced.

Pulsefire Fiora splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games
Fiora has played second fiddle to Yone when it comes to four-cost Challenger carries in TFT Set 6.

You can find the full TFT patch 11.24 early notes below (h/t Surrender@20).

TFT patch 11.24 early notes


Tier 1


  • Nerfs TBC

Tier 2


  • Nerfs TBC


  • Nerfs TBC

Tier 3


  • Nerfs TBC


  • Buffs TBC


  • Nerfs TBC


  • Nerfs TBC

Tier 4


  • Buffs TBC


  • Changes TBC


  • Buffs TBC


  • Buffs TBC


  • Buffs TBC

Tier 5


  • Buffs TBC


  • Changes TBC


  • Changes TBC


  • Nerfs TBC


  • Nerfs TBC



  • Nerfs TBC


Trait reworked: After dropping below 75% Health, Chemtech champions become chem-powered, gaining Attack Speed, 25% damage reduction, and regenerating a percentage of their maximum Health each second for eight seconds.

  • 3 Chemtech: 25% Attack Speed, 3% Health
  • 5 Chemtech: 50% Attack Speed, 4% Health
  • 7 Chemtech: 75% Attack Speed, 6% Health
  • 9 Chemtech: 100% Attack Speed, 10% Health


  • Buffs TBC


  • Nerfs TBC


  • Buffs TBC


Broken Stopwatch (Gold)

  • Buffs TBC

Bruiser Crest (Gold)

  • Reworked: Gain a Bruiser Emblem and a Trundle.

Chemtech Crown (Prismatic)

  • Reworked: Gain 2 Chemtech Emblems.

Chemtech Heart (Silver)

  • Reworked: Your team counts as having 1 additional Chemtech. Gain a Zac.

Duet (Silver)

  • Buffs TBC

Enchanter Soul (Prismatic)

  • Reworked: Your team counts as having 2 additional Enchanters. Gain 8 gold.

Featherweights I

  • Nerfs TBC

Featherweights II

  • Nerfs TBC

Featherweights III (Prismatic)

  • Nerfs TBC

Innovator Heart (Silver)

  • Nerfs TBC

Innovator Soul (Prismatic)

  • Nerfs TBC

Item Grab Bag I (Silver)

  • Nerfs TBC

Item Grab Bag II (Gold)

  • Nerfs TBC

March of Progress (Prismatic)

  • Tier: Tier 2 (Gold) > Tier 3 (Prismatic)

Spell Blade (Gold)

  • Rework TBC

Windfall (Prismatic)

  • Changes TBC


Blue Buff

  • Item reworked: The holder gains 60 Starting Mana (including components). After casting their Ability, the holder gains 20 Mana.

Frozen Heart

  • Buffs TBC

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