Origins Season 1 Balancing Patch Incoming!

Today, we’ll be deploying an update to Axie: Origins! This is a small patch with some target balancing updates and bug fixes. We’ve also introduced a new lever for rewarding PVP players with the introduction of avatar border leaderboard rewards! We won’t be showing these avatars here. They’ll be revealed by those who’ve earned them.

✨ What’s New

  • We’ve made a variety of balancing changes to help diversify the meta, especially later in the Season when all runes/charms are readily available.

    Full Balancing Changes

  • We’ve added exclusive Season 1 avatar borders as rewards for progressing in Arena! These borders get progressively rarer and more exclusive as you advance. The top 10 on the Leaderboard at Season end will have their places in Season 1 enshrined on their Season 1 avatar.

  • Updated all Tutorials to improve on-boarding flow and growth.

  • Minor Rock, Paper, Scissors adjustments (more changes coming later):

    • Once both players have decided first or second, match will start (instead of waiting the whole 5 seconds each time)

    • Opposing team will show throughout the duration of the Rock, Paper, Scissors game

    • Added a sound when Rock, Paper, Scissors begins

    • Disconnecting for more than 60 seconds at any point during Rock, Paper, Scissors or before entering battle will result in losing the match

  • Added new push notifications

  • The battle log will no longer show the axie applying and receiving a secret