PUBG Developer Reportedly Working on 'Korean Witcher' Game

PUBG developer Krafton plans to build a multimedia franchise out of The Bird That Drinks Tears, a South Korean fantasy series akin to The Witcher.

PUBG Developer Reportedly Working on 'Korean Witcher' Game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer Krafton reportedly hopes to mimic the multimedia success of The Witcher franchise by developing a game based on the Korean fantasy novel The Bird That Drinks Tears.

The PUBG data miner known as PlayerIGN took to Twitter to report on a Krafton press conference in which the developers behind PlayerUnknown's battle royale announced they will craft a multimedia franchise around The Bird That Drinks Tears, a South Korean fantasy novel published in 2003. Like The Witcher game series developed by CD Projekt Red, Krafton's new title will be a single-player dark fantasy roleplaying game. After developing the first entry in the Tears saga, the team at Krafton reportedly plans to expand the franchise through other forms of media such as films and comics.

In follow-up tweets, PlayerIGN said Krafton doubled down on the comparisons between the franchises, calling its The Bird That Drinks Tears game a "Korean Witcher." At the conference, the PUBG developer shared a few details about the first game, including the image of a world map and the first look at a few main characters, such as series protagonist Kagan Draca.

The news from the conference has yet to be publicized by Krafton. However, the information and screencaps reported from the conference line up with the studio's previous announcement of Project Windless, which the developer confirmed would indeed be a video game adaptation of The Bird that Drinks Tears. The studio confirmed it will conceptualize Project Windless with the help of Hollywood concept artist Ian McCraig, who previously worked on character visualizations for franchises including Star WarsThe Avengers and Terminator.

The Witcher franchise began with a series of short stories and novels written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski and published between 1986 and 2013. The franchise has since exploded in popularity, expanding through CD Projekt Red's video game trilogy, a film, two TV series, graphic novels, and an ongoing Netflix seriesThe Bird That Drinks Tears, written by Lee Yeongdo and published in 2003, is a dark fantasy series with a world founded upon South Korean twists on Western European fantasy cliches and tropes. Like The Witcher, the concept of Tears centers around Draca and his team as they navigate a dangerous world replete with the threat of monsters.