Origin Education Challenge Winners!

1000 AXS in prizes

Origin Education Challenge Winners!

The Axie Community produced over 800 submissions for the Origin Education Challenge! The entries ranged from educational video tutorials, detailed infographics, web applications, translations, and gameplay trailers. We were impressed by the quality and depth of the submissions, it’s clear that you put immense effort into your work.

The Sky Mavis team rigorously reviewed every entry to ensure that each entry was viewed fairly. 

The judging was based on three equal categories: educational value (33%), originality (33%), and quality (33%). We took into account some other more nuanced concepts as well like aesthetics, energy, editing skill, media use, and creativity — to name a few. 

The 1000 AXS prize pool is allocated as follows:

1 Grand Prize Winner — 180 AXS + Axie Hoodie

4 Runner-up Winners — 80 AXS + Axie Hoodie

50 Honorable Mentions — 10 AXS each

Now, without further ado… Congratulations to our Winners!

Grand Prize Winner

Ryan created an amazing video to share with all your friends and family. From explaining the game’s history, the intricate game mechanics, and how to onboard correctly, he packages it all into a snackable 5-minute clip.

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