Origin Community Feedback: A New Approach

A new way to connect the community and Sky Mavis around improving Origin!

Origin Community Feedback: A New Approach

At Sky Mavis, we take pride in harnessing community feedback.

The Axie Infinity: Origin Product Development team interacts particularly closely with a handful of community members who consistently provide top quality feedback. This has proven to be an effective way of finding balance issues, ux/ui improvements, bugs, and more!

Today we’re proud to share that respected community member, Jaatster, will be maintaining a public spreadsheet of community feedback, which will help guide our game designers' prioritization process. This will help the community keep track of  known issues, reducing duplicate reports. You can make use of the filter views and the search function to look for specific issues. For example if you want to see if a bug involving Goda is already known, simply search for Goda and check the results for similar reports.

Jaatster will be collecting feedback from the Axie Infinity: Origin - Feedback form. In addition, if you Tweet anything on Twitter regarding balancing, bugs, or general feedback for Origin, please make sure to also tag @0xJaatster to get his (and our) attention.

Please note that any sensitive information or personal account issues should still be reported to Sky Mavis directly by submitting a support ticket.