New Pokémon Snap: Every New Pokémon And Where to Find Them

New Pokémon Snap's free update introduced 20 new species to the game. Here is every new addition and where to snap them.

New Pokémon Snap: Every New Pokémon And Where to Find Them

New Pokémon Snap's free update was a welcome surprise for fans. The unique photo shooter proved itself a worthy successor to the beloved 1999 original that also carved its own identity for the modern age.

The free update introduced an additional 20 new species of Pokémon for players to encounter and photograph. Here is every new addition to the game, alongside where they can be found in the Lental region.


New Pokemon Snap Shroomish screenshot
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Shroomish is located within the Secret Side Path. This Grass-type is one of the easiest to find of the new additions and can be spotted several times throughout the stage. It's only available on the Day stage, and it's also found in the flower field near the end of the Florio Nature Park. Shroomish also has an associated request, which can be completed by lighting up a nearby Crystabloom and using the music player to get a group of them to dance.


New Pokemon Snap Snorlax screenshot
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Snorlax can be tricky to locate -- and even trickier to wake up. The sleeping giant is found in a secret route; after Dodrio chases Pichu and Scorbunny through the bushes near the start of the Secret Side Path, running a scan will allow the player to follow after them. Snorlax is sleeping within, but can only be awakened using the music player continuously while throwing Fluffruit into the creature's mouth. If successful, Snorlax will be found wandering around the flower field at the end of the stage. Hitting the awake Snorlax with an Illumina orb and capturing a picture of it sprinting towards the NEO-ONE will complete its associated quest.


New Pokemon Snap Foongus screenshot
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Entering the Secret Side Path at night will allow the player to encounter Foongus. It'll be impossible to miss these mushroom Pokémon, as they will be used as platforms for the NEO-ONE to bounce across. After first bouncing across the Foongus, looking down should reveal another group of them. Throw an Illumina Orb at this new group to cause them to jump and float gently down, completing this Pokémon's associated request.


New Pokemon Snap Feraligatr screenshot
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When first entering the Mightywide River stage, a leisurely journey downstream will be interrupted by a rather grumpy Feraligatr. This behemoth will erupt from the water before returning to the murky depths. The Johto creature will appear in various other ways on higher Research levels. On the Night stage, players can complete a request by throwing Fluffruit at a Feraligatr on the cliffside, then photographing it diving into the water.


New Pokemon Snap Psyduck screenshot
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Psyduck is a common sight around the Mightywide River. The first one that players will likely encounter is seemingly being harassed by a group of Aipom on the left-hand riverbank. Saving Psyduck from the Aipom and using an Illumina Orb to knock a nearby Magikarp out of the water will cause Psyduck to notice the fish. The duck Pokémon will use its psychic powers on the Magikarp, and photographing the event completes a request.


New Pokemon Snap Tropius screenshot
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This majestic banana-clad dinosaur is found in the Mightywide River from the earliest research level. Its first appearance is on a small island just after the waterfall. Tropius' associated request is not straightforward, as players will first need to lure the Wooper at the start of the stage out of the water with an Illumina Orb. Later on, taking a photo of a Tropius flying overhead with the same Wooper on its back will complete this request.


New Pokemon Snap Gyarados screenshot
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The iconic Gyarados can be found in the Mightywide River at expedition level two. To draw out the ferocious serpent, players will need to hit a hidden Crystabloom behind the waterfall with an Illumina Orb. After doing so, Gyarados will appear at the final area of the level. Gyarados' request can be completed in the Night stage at level two. Awaken two sleeping Magikarp with the music player and hit them with Illumina Orbs to cause them to swim to the waterfall. Hit the hidden waterfall Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb to cause the Magikarp to climb it. Eventually, a Gyarados will do the same, and photographing it doing so will complete the request.


New Pokemon Snap Ursaring screenshot
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When entering the Mighywide River's Night stage level two, a sleeping Ursaring can be spotted in the bushes near where Psyduck was attacked by Aipom. To awaken the beast, throw Illumina Orbs at the two Aipom near the start of the level; they will begin to literally poke the bear until Ursaring gets fed up. Using an Illumina Orb on the Crystabloom near the Ursaring hunting for fish will cause a Magikarp to slap the nearby ursine in the face. Capture this amusing moment to complete Ursaring's associated request.


New Pokemon Snap Drillbur screenshot
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Drillbur is first encountered in the Mightywide River's Night stage, on the second expedition level. The mole Pokémon appears in various places, most notably within a secret path on the right-hand side of the stream, opposite the sleeping Swampert. Drillbur's associated request can be completed in the Day stage on level three. Use the music player to cause a nearby Drillbur to drill into the rocks and capture the moment on camera.


New Pokemon Snap Cleffa screenshot
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Cleffa is located in the Mightywide River stage at night in the same secret path that Drillbur can be found on expedition level two. Cleffa will be sleeping on some rocks, and players can toss an Illumina Orb at the nearby Crystabloom to wake it up. To complete this Pokémon's associated request, enter the level three Mightwide Rider during the day. Scanning inside the cave will lure out a hidden Cleffa, and throwing an Illumina Orb at the Cystabloom will cause several to appear and use Metronome. Capture the results on camera to complete the request.


New Pokemon Snap Tepig screenshot
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Tepig will likely be the first Pokémon players encounter upon entering the Barren Badlands. This Fire-type is roaming the starting area and reappears several times over the course of the stage. After taking the alternate route (accessible only on expedition level two and onwards), Tepig can be seen atop a cliff. Scanning will cause the Unovan Pokémon to jump to another cliff edge. Scanning again will cause Tepig to take a running jump across the gap. Photographing this impressive feat completes Tepig's associated request.


New Pokemon Snap Diglett screenshot
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Diglett can be seen several times throughout the Barren Badlands. The mole Pokémon will emerge sporadically before returning underground,, but can be made to stay above the surface with a well-timed Illumina Orb. When starting level three of Barren Badlands, throw Fluffruit at the Diglett in the starting area until they move on. After they do, throw an Illumina Orb at them and another Fluffruit to capture the Diglett playing together, completing the mole's associated request.


New Pokemon Snap Rockruff screenshot
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After increasing the Barren Badlands expedition level to at least two, Rockruff can be found at the beginning of the stage. Rockruff will often play with Tepig and Diglett, and later Shinx and Torchic. When taking the alternative path of the Night stage, players may come across Rockruff sleeping alongside its playmates. A Mandibuzz will fly down the group; wake up Rockruff when it does, then toss an Illumina Orb at the canine Pokémon to watch it defend its friends against the vulture. Capturing this will complete Rockruff's request.


New Pokemon Snap Crustle screenshot
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Crustle can be found wandering the starting area of Barren Badlands' first level, though there's a better photo opportunity available in level two. There, it can be found fighting another Crustle, and hitting one with an Illumina Orb causes it to overpower the other. The request associated with Crustle can be completed in the second level of the Night stage. When taking the right-hand path, wake up Tyranitar with some Fluffruit while far away. The beast will awaken and take out its frustration on a nearby Crustle, flipping it over. Photograph the floundering Bug-type to complete the request.


New Pokemon Snap Salazzle screenshot
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Salazzle can be found in the second expedition level of the Barren Badlands, but it's easy to miss. When taking the right-hand path around the geyser, use the music player just after the boulder to cause a Salazzle to emerge from behind a nearby rock. Luring the same Salazzle by hitting a Mandibuzz to the right of the rock with a Fluffruit, then turning on the music player should cause the lizard to emerge and dance. After it finishes dancing, photograph the pose that Salazzle strikes to complete its request.


New Pokemon Snap Koffing screenshot
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When entering the Barren Badlands' poison swamp area, Koffing can be found floating around. In level one, players will have to lure it out with music, but this Poison-type is more abundant on higher levels. Koffing's request can only be completed on expedition level three. Lure a Koffing over to a nearby Crystabloom in the swamp, then activate the Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb. The Koffing will puff up and can be captured on film to complete the request.


New Pokemon Snap Swalot screenshot
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Swalot is a common sight in the Barren Badlands' poison swamp area on any expedition level. This Hoenn native is difficult to miss, and it's easy to capture a high-scoring photo of thanks to its size and placement. Swalot's request can be tackled in level one or two of the Day stage. To begin, throw a Fluffruit at the Salazzle on top of the volcano in the swamp area. The lizard will respond by throwing out a Koffing. A nearby Swalot will swallow the Koffing and can be snapped for the request.


New Pokemon Snap Scolipede screenshot
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Scolipede is first discovered in the Barren Badlands in the Night stage, but it also starts appearing during the day from expedition level two. This colossal insect roams the poison swamps and provides the opportunity for high-scoring photos from the outset. Scolipede's request involves causing it to attack a nearby Gliscor or Koffing, but it's currently stumping most players. However, it's meant to be completed on the Night stage and involves the sleeping Scolipede near the end of the swamp area.


New Pokemon Snap Gliscor screenshot
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Gliscor can first be found in the second expedition level of the Barren Badlands' Night stage. This Pokémon is rather common in the level and is first seen sleeping upside down on the way to the poison swamp section. Gliscor's request requires some preparation. Select either level two or three, and throw Illumina Orbs at the two Vivillon on the left at the start. Activate the alternate route by lighting the Crystabloom by the boulder and take it. At the geyser, hit the Gliscor with a Fluffruit, then lob an Illumina Orb at the Sandstorm Pattern Vivillon to have it awaken a separate Vivillon on the wall. This Bug-type will then use Sleep Powder on Gliscor -- snap a photo of Gliscor yawning to complete this tricky challenge.


New Pokemon Snap Zeraora screenshot
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The only legendary Pokémon added in the update, the mythical Zeraora can be found sleeping in the second expedition level of the Barren Badlands' Night stage. Awaken the creature by hitting it with Fluffruits, and it will scamper off. To complete Zeraora's associated request, awaken it with Fluffruits before immediately zooming in and giving Zeraora time to climb the nearby mountain. After it does, awaken the sleeping Tyranitar with another Fluffruit, and Zeraora should land in front of the creature. The two will engage in combat, and when Zeraora lights up with electricity, take a photo to complete the request.