Lunacian Codes Public Testing is Live!

Help us test our new universal referral program today!

Lunacian Codes Public Testing is Live!

Key highlights:

  • Public testing starts now for Lunacian Codes, our new experimental referral program.

  • It will be funded by the ecosystem fund during testing.

  • We’re currently testing the implementation of custom codes for creators and will share more on this later. In the meantime, creators can proceed with non-custom code registration and help us begin testing immediately!*

The Axie community is a portal into Web3. Many of you have put extraordinary efforts into onboarding your friends, connections, and family members into this community.

To reflect our commitment to rewarding your onboarding efforts, we are piloting an experimental referral feature called Lunacian Codes!

Lunacian Codes is a first-of-its-kind web3 referral program that allows community members to participate in the value they help create when onboarding new players and showing helpfulness to existing players.

How does it work?

  • When a Lunacian Code is used, 1% from the 4.25% marketplace fee will be sent to the referrer

  • When a code is not used, the entire 4.25% goes into the Community Treasury, as usual

  • Once per month, Sky Mavis will use the Ecosystem Fund to FULLY REFUND the Community Treasury for the sum total of reward payouts during that period

  • This feature is in preparation for the increased onboarding that will occur as we improve Origin and continue to add new experiences to the Axie universe

  • For more info, check out our Lunacian Codes Guide

Who’s eligible to register for a code?

  • Every single Lunacian!

How to register for your code:

  • Visit the registration form

  • Log in to Zendesk with your marketplace account

  • Select “Register for Lunacian Code” in the dropdown menu

  • Complete the registration and agree to the terms of use

  • You’ll receive an email from containing your ready-to-use Lunacian Code (remember: we will never email you asking for your sensitive information)

  • Your friends and family can apply your Lunacian Code to their account within their marketplace account settings page!

* Creating a code now will not affect your ability to generate a custom code in the future. You can have multiple active codes, so creating a custom code won’t deactivate the codes you create now.