Introducing Axie IRL: Community Meetup Grants

Host your own local meetup for Axie Infinity!

Introducing Axie IRL: Community Meetup Grants

We’re excited to announce that we are soft-launching Axie IRL, our community meetup program where qualified community members can host their own Axie Infinity meetups!

We believe in the power of community and physical gatherings that bring Lunacians closer and more united. Scaling physical events and meetups is key to ensuring that our community continues to grow stronger and that collectively, we are also able to introduce more people to Axie Infinity and the Web 3 ecosystem.

With this, we’re launching the Axie IRL community meetup program so we can support more local meetups to happen at scale globally.

Axie meetup in Buenos Aires, December 2021.

Interested in hosting a local meetup near you? Here are the details!

Qualifications to Host a Community Meetup

  • Must be an outstanding Axie Infinity community member (no bans, sanctions, bad behavior in the community)

  • Community member must have been in the Axie Infinity ecosystem for at least 3 months

  • Community member must accomplish the Community Meetup Application form and undergo a 20-minute interview with the respective Regional Lead if qualified

Responsibilities of Community Meetup Organizer:

  • Ensure the safety of the event, attendees, and COVID-19 compliance

  • Must ensure that the event is overall positive in nature and not a venue for negativity or forum for anything that may damage Axie Infinity’s reputation

  • Must be reachable via email, social media messaging, or phone call as needed for coordination with Regional Lead

  • Professional photos (videos are very much welcome too!) of the event to be emailed to your Regional Lead

  • The meetup must not promote the use of prohibited drugs, guns, weapons, pornography, or anything that may be damaging to both the attendees or Axie Infinity

  • Adhere to the Axie Infinity Code of Conduct

Sky Mavis Event Support: 

  • Retweet of main event post and custom community announcement post on the official regional social media channels (including Regional Leads) 

  • Financial Support for the event; fully covered, dependent on scale of event, quality of the proposal, and region

  • Giveaway Sponsorship of up to $500 worth of Axie Infinity assets (Axies, Land Items, AXS, etc.) 

  • Optional: Depending on availability, Regional Lead or other Sky Mavis team members may be available to attend the meetup

Apply to host a meetup