FIFA Mobile Manager Mode update to tackle Football Manager

EA has announced that FIFA Mobile will be getting a brand new Manager Mode that aims to kick its competitors into touch.

FIFA Mobile Manager Mode update to tackle Football Manager

EA’s FIFA Mobile is set for one of its biggest-ever updates as the new Manager Mode inclusion is about to become a fully fleshed sim experience with aspects that could rival Football Manager.

Despite not quite sharing the popularity of the mainline FIFA game for console and PC, FIFA Mobile has proven to be quite successful for EA.

The game has gone from strength to strength and players of the mobile game will be interested to hear that FIFA Mobile’s new Manager Mode is about to revolutionize its gameplay and potential experiences.

FIFA Mobile aiming for 3 points with Manager Mode update

Making its debut in FIFA Mobile, EA’s Manager Mode has been a common game mode for years in the main releases of FIFA, but this will mark the first time we will see it on the handheld version.

Players will be able to take on other real-life teams in competitive PvP action in a bid to climb the Division Rivals ladder!

The game mode will be conducted in real-time, like Football Manager, and it will require the player to be able to adapt their team on the fly.

Football Manager has long been the king of simulated managerial football with its deep pool of customization options and ability to let fans live out their aspirations of being a football coach.

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