FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: start time, promo leaks, Halloween cards, predictions

Halloween is here and with it comes the new "Rulebreakers" promo in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as well as its stat-boosting FUT upgrades. The post FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: start time, promo leaks, Halloween cards, predictions appeared first on Dexerto.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers: start time, promo leaks, Halloween cards, predictions
FIFA 22 Rulebreakers loading screen in FUT.

Popular FIFA 22 Rulebreakers promo is here, right on schedule, as spooky season falls across Ultimate Team on the eve of Halloween, and we’ve got everything you need to know ⁠— start date, early FUT leaks, upgrades, and more.

The Halloween holidays are fast approaching, and that means FIFA 22 is set to hit a spooky new gear with the next Ultimate Team promo ⁠— “Rulebreakers.”

In years past, EA SPORTS would celebrate the end of October (and, of course, Halloween) with the “Ultimate Scream” promo, turning popular FUT stars into terrifying meta beasts with stat changes and live upgrades based on the full moon. Last year, however, they pivoted to a new event, Rulebreakers, and changed the game for the promo.

The new event sees players handed monster stat boosts in one or two front-facing attributes, depending on what EA SPORTS wants to upgrade. This can turn a slow striker like Harry Kane into a pace-heavy powerhouse.

Dexerto expects FIFA 22 will stick to the same formula in 2021, handing out just over a dozen upgrades for FUT’s biggest stars. Here’s what we know.

FIFA 21 Rulebreakers
The Rulebreakers promo last year was chock full of incredible FUT cards.

Rulebreakers FIFA 22 start date

The next FIFA 22 event, Rulebreakers, is nearly here. Dexerto can reveal EA SPORTS is preparing to drop a batch of special Halloween cards in Ultimate Team on Friday, October 29 to kick-start the spooky-season promo.

We’re expecting a first real look at the team at 6pm GMT. Keep tuned on our Twitter accounts, @DexertoFC and @FutWatch, to see all the breaking news.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers loading screen in FUT.
The FUT loading screen has confirmed the Rulebreakers start date.

Early Rulebreakers leaks

The wait goes on for leaks ⁠— as of early October 28, we haven’t got a glimpse at any Rulebreaker cards early just yet, via the FUT loading screen or elsewhere.

In the last 24 hours before the promo, however, Dexerto is expecting EA SPORTS to give Ultimate Team players a handful of early hints, including card ratings, stats boosts, and the nationalities of some Rulebreaker upgrades.

Our dataminer, @FutWatch, will be digging through the code too.

How do Rulebreaker cards work?

Unlike the live FUT cards we got in the Ones to Watch and Road to the Knockouts events recently, Rulebreakers is a lot simpler ⁠— these special cards will have one stat boosted through the roof on release.

EA SPORTS usually strives to turn popular players with less-than-meta cards into usable options. That means Pace and Dribbling are often the main boosts.

FIFA 21 fans will be praying for a Harry Kane record-breaker card.
FIFA 22 fans will be praying for another Rulebreakers card like last year’s Harry Kane.

Our FIFA 22 Rulebreakers predictions

Events like Rulebreakers are a little tricky to predict card-wise because it’s really at the whims of EA SPORTS when it comes to who they eventually pick.

That said, the FIFA publishers have gotten pretty repetitive in the last few years. They generally dip into a pool of popular players for promos because they know they can drive pack sales with all the biggest names. That means we can look back at FIFA 21’s event for clues.

Here are last year’s Rulebreaker cards:

  • Angel Di Maria ⁠— 88
  • Romelu Lukaku ⁠— 87
  • Paul Pogba ⁠— 87
  • Marco Reus ⁠— 87
  • Jose Gimenez ⁠— 86
  • Juan Cuadrado ⁠— 84
  • Hakan Çalhanoğlu ⁠— 83
  • Daniel Podence ⁠— 83
  • Alex Teixeira ⁠— 83
  • Patrick Van Anholt ⁠— 83
  • Ike Opara ⁠— 82

So there you have it ⁠— everything we know about FIFA 22’s returning Rulebreakers promo. Dexerto is expecting several spooky player SBCs and there will also be a deluge of packs and objectives during the promo too.

We’ll keep you updated on all the latest developments right here.

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