Fallout: New Vegas' Five Most Unique Weapons and Where to Find Them

There’s a lot of weapons to get your hands on in Fallout: New Vegas, but these weapons are some of the best, most unique, and coolest in the game.

Fallout: New Vegas' Five Most Unique Weapons and Where to Find Them

Players travelling through the Mojave in Fallout: New Vegas are bound to find treasures of both the old world and the new. Some of the best loot to uncover are the unique weapons to add to your arsenal. Whether it’s better to damage, critical damage, fire rate, reload speed or just look cool, these are some of the best weapons to wield in battle.

These weapons were chosen based on their overall uniqueness and lack of any similar, regular weapon to compare them to. Additionally, all of the weapons below are available in the base game, so you won't need to install any of New Vegas' DLC or expansions to find them.

That Gun

(The hands-on weapon in Fallout: New Vegas)

The pistol simply called That Gun, is a heavily modified revolver with a motorized cylinder and crane for quicker shooting and reloading than other revolvers. It’s capable of firing 5.56mm ammunition, making it a very powerful compact firearm. The unique pistol is modelled after the iconic weapon wielded by Rick Deckard, the main character of the classic sci-fi film, Bladerunner.

The weapon is located inside the Dino Bite Giftshop in Novac and can either be purchased from Cliff Briscoe for 1750 caps or stolen from inside the storage room. The storage room can be lockpicked, or the key can be pickpocketed or purchased from Briscoe after completing the quest "Come Fly with Me."

This Machine

(The hands-on weapon in Fallout: New Vegas)

A unique battle rifle, This Machine has a lot of similarities to the real-life M1 Garand used by US soldiers during World War II and is the only rifle of its kind in the game without Gunrunners DLC installed. Chambered for .308 rounds, the rife holds up to eight rounds at a time and fires semi-automatically. This Machine is excellent for short to midrange combat, though it requires a Guns skill of 75 and strength 6 in order to use it properly.

This Machine can be acquired by completing the unmarked quest “Dealing With Contreras.” A supply merchant for the NCR, Daniel Contreras can be found in the Supply Shack within Camp McCarran. The unique weapon will be rewarded at the end of the quest, either by Contreras if you don’t turn him in for his double-dealing, or by Carrie Boyd, if you do.

Pulse Gun

(The hands-on weapon in Fallout: New Vegas)

Codenamed the “Circuit Breaker,” the Pulse Gun is a prototype energy weapon designed by the prewar US Army as a countermeasure to power armour, in case the Chinese were developing their own. The only one of its kind, the Pulse Gun’s EMP-specific damage makes it effective against robots and power armoured opponents but consumes five energy cell ammunition for every shot fired. It’s also one of three items to be retrieved as part of the companion quest, “I Could Make You Care.

The weapon can be found within the armoury of Vault 34, which is southwest of Nellis Air Force Base. The Vault itself is flooded with radiation, along with the former inhabitants which are now feral ghouls. Add to that, the Pulse Gun will be in a very hard locked case within the armoury. The key to the case can be found in the filing cabinet in Pearl’s Barracks at Nellis, so players should visit there first.

Mysterious Magnum

(The hands-on weapon in Fallout: New Vegas)

When travelling down Highway 95 on the way to New Vegas, players might come across a Lonesome Drifter who’s camped in front of a billboard. This character, who is possibly the son of the infamous Mysterious Stranger, carries a Magnum that belonged to his father and now seeks to settle down from his wandering days.

The Mysterious Magnum can be obtained by pickpocketing or looting it from the Drifter after killing him, or by passing a Barter check of 50 during the quest “Talent Pool.” The weapon has a much higher damage and fire rate than normal magnums, and drawing and holstering it will cause the Mysterious Stranger’s theme song to play, confirming that this is in fact this wandering enigma’s weapon.

Alien Blaster

(The hands-on weapon in Fallout: New Vegas)

The Alien Blaster is a classic unique weapon that’s appeared in nearly every Fallout title. It’s also one of the best weapons in the game because a critical hit is always guaranteed and is capable of killing most enemies with a single shot. Players need to choose wisely when using this weapon, however, as the ammunition found along with the Blaster, isn’t available anywhere else in the game.

The blaster can be found at an unmarked location just north of Horowitz Farmstead, where there’ll be a landed alien ship, the captain who wields the Blaster, and two other aliens wielding regular laser weapons. The Blaster can only be obtained if players have chosen the Wild Wasteland trait at the beginning of the game. If not, the aliens will be replaced with a camp full of hostile mercenaries, one of whom carries the unique gauss rifle, YCS/186.