Builders Program: The First Projects Accepted!

Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences.

Builders Program: The First Projects Accepted!

Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences. Today, we take a major step towards making this a tangible reality.

The Builders Program is one of many initiatives that will unlock more enjoyment and utility for your Axies, in this case from community built experiences. While we plan on harnessing community-built games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, Sky Mavis will also be forming partnerships with major game studios to develop experiences for the Axie Infinity and Ronin.

The Axie nation has been clamoring to see projects come out of the Builders Program and our Builders in the community have been going full force.

We’re ecstatic to present the initial set of projects we’ve accepted into the program.

Don’t Stop Building!

Before we share all of the teams and projects, we want to thank all those teams who applied and emphasize that this is just the beginning. We will be accepting many more teams over time (and maybe even quite soon) and everyone should continue to build, in fact the more progress teams are able to make the more likely they will be accepted into the program. 

We’ve noticed some teams mention that they are only looking to build projects if they are accepted into the program. Unfortunately, these teams are less likely to be accepted as there are many other teams they are competing with who are making significant and real progress. 

Also, we wanted to emphasize that building Axie experiences does not require permission or being accepted into the Builders Program. As per the Builders guidelines, any community member can start building Axie experiences for the community to enjoy that generates revenue (or is completely free)... right now!

If a project reaches a certain level of revenue and is abiding by all the Builders guidelines, we will likely just accept the team into the Builders Program.

Increase Your Chances

With that said, here are some key ways to increase your chances of being accepted:

  • Make real progress: Reiterating this again as one of the most important factors. We value teams who actually build and can show progress through art, demos, full gameplay, well thought-out plans, forming strong teams, and many other ways. 

  • Share progress with the community: We receive thousands of Builders applications; sharing your progress regularly and openly with the community via places like Twitter and the Builders-Program discord channel helps us make sure you’re on our radar. Not to mention it’ll help drive community interest and support in your project! 

  • Form the right team for your project: There are very ambitious community members in Lunacia, but building games and experiences is also very hard. We want to see that teams have the right skill sets and team members to execute on their proposed project.  

  • Show a history of building: Teams with a history of shipping solid projects and working together show that they have the experience to execute on what they are setting out to do. 

  • Be a great Lunacian: We want all of our Builders to be positive role models for the community who believe in our long-term mission of creating freedom for gamers. 

Apply to the Builders Program

The Projects

Without further ado, here are the Builders that have been accepted into the program. 

1. Inter the Dungeon

Inter the dungeon is a push-your-luck dungeon crawl that will provide the standards for sharing style, prestige, and identity by showcasing how to exchange resources between games.

How you can help: Check out their website and join their Discord. They're looking for Unity programmers and animators, contact them via their email or Twitter @interthedungeon for more details.

2. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DOLL)

DOLL is an exhilarating survival action game with simple gameplay and very challenging roguelike elements. The player will control an automatically attacking Axie while fighting against waves of enemies.

How you can help: The team is looking for:

3. Axie To The Moon

Axie To The Moon is an action shooting (birds eye view) mobile game. Inspired by the "Infinity" concept of Axie Infinity, the game reflects the same idea by allowing players to travel the infinite universe.

How you can help: If anyone is interested in joining the team, they are needing help in these roles: additional programmer + additional animation artist + QA in the near future. (Can be compensated for any of the roles). If interested, message the team lead on Discord: Superfine#0377 or email

4. Hungry Axie

The Axies are hungry! They will eat each other based on their types. The more the Axie eats, the bigger it gets, the more points it gets, the more SLP it gets! The last three Axies standing are the winners!

How you can help: Check out the website and join the Discord server. They need a logo for Hungry Axie and will be having a contest, details are here

5. Axieology

Axieology is a game where you get to spend time with your Axies to bond together, eat sweet food, and grow plants. And when ready, battle with them against the invading armies of Chimeras by building towers together!

How you can help: They are potentially looking for an Android developer/programmer to join their team. If interested please contact them via twitter DM (@axieology) or email (

6. Lunacia Cup

Lunacia is a familiar landscape for those who play Axie Infinity! The bubbly pets are now able to race and run in the rolling hills and steep mountains across the land to be the fastest. If you want to see more, check them out here.

How you can help: As a work in progress they are open to hear all opinions, hopes, and ideas about their racing game. Tell them how to improve, how to make it more fun or what would you like to see! Contact them on Discord here

7. Run Axie Run!

Have you ever wondered how far an Axie can run? Wonder no more in Run Axie Run! Set your Axies on wonderful adventures throughout Lunacia, collecting valuable resources, battling some foes, and having fun. Do you feel ready to show off your prowess? Then challenge your friends to a run-off to see who can run the furthest with their Axie!

How you can help: Share ideas on what you want from an Axie Runner game, what you want your Axies to do in a Runner game, and any other thoughts around it! Please send ideas via email (, discord (trumpets#5096), or twitter (@trumpets). 

*Final direction on 3D or 2D runner TBD

8. AxiePop

AxiePop is a game about popping Axies, drag and swap to get a minimum of 3 line Axies and Pop! Beat the enemy by Popping some Axies. The game is Free-to-Play, but players need Axies to enhance the gameplay and earn rewards in-game. Get the pool of SLP, AXS, Axies, or some Land items every season.

How you can help: They need a web3 developer who will be able to help integrate Ronin on their website and the browser game. Also, their game developer needs a hand to help develop the game itself, so if there are community members who are familiar with game development using Unity and want to help build AxiePop, please reach out via Twitter @axieminigames, or send your CV to

9. Axie Infinity War

Axie Infinity War is a 2.5D Platform Battle Royale Game. 10 players fight each other for the ultimate glory and exciting rewards. This is a game that enables the Axie community to try a completely new genre to test their gaming experience using Axies and SLP.

How you can help: They are looking for any good web & blockchain developers to join the project. If interested, please join their Discord server for their Ronin Team (AIW) or directly email for further questions.

10. Axie Brawl

Axie Brawl is an arena brawler where 2 teams will face each other until only the best remains! Each player controls one Axie, and has to cooperate with their teammates to strategize against their opponents and become the champion! The variety of Axie parts, equipment and maps ensures every match to be unique, making you change strategies on the spot to have the best chance of winning!

How you can help: They are looking for motivated people who want to join their project in the following positions: 

  • Unity Dev: Especially with experience in Photon or other scalable multiplayer solutions.

  • 3D artist: With experience in Blender, bonus if they have experience in animation

  • 2D artist: To help with illustrations for the web, whitepaper, and general iconography/logos for the project. 

Please send your CV / portfolio to with the header "Axie Brawl - POSITION NAME - YOUR NAME"

11. Mech Infinity

Mech Infinity is a Battle Royale game based in the Axie Infinity universe where Axie holders acquire Axie Mechs and participate in epic battles with rewards in cryptocurrencies, such as SLP, AXS, or NFTs. Axie Mechs will be the core of the game, they will have different base bodies just like there are different types of Axie (Beast, Bug, Mech, Plant Reptile, Dusk, Aqua, Bird, Dawn). Axies can only use an Axie Mech if they are the same type.

12. Across Lunacia

Across Lunacia is a pixel art platforming adventure you can embark upon with your Axie. Play for free if you own an Axie.

How you can help: Join the Across Lunacia Discord to test the game today and find contribution opportunities here.

Verify a Player’s Assets (AxieDAO SSO)

As we’ve mentioned before, it is important for any developers building Axie experiences to only allow for Axies they own or the player owns to be seen or used by the player in their game. Players should not be allowed to use Axies that neither the developer or themself owns. 

Thus, a new tool has been created to allow developers to verify ownership of specific Axies a player might have: AxieDAO Single Sign-On (SSO). This tool will allow for any developers to verify a player’s Ronin address and subsequently the assets they own. 



Support Our Builders

Building games is very hard. The largest studios who have built many successful games still continue to fail regularly. Ultimately, not all Builders Programs may ship or meet all of the expectations we now have for them, but we are confident every team here will do everything they can to make their project successful. Some projects will be coming out in months and some will take longer.

Every Lunacian should be supportive of and patient with our Builders who have stepped up to the challenge and are putting their blood and sweat into experiences for our community to enjoy. We think this is just the first step in a new world where the community can directly contribute significantly and meaningfully towards games and projects they love.  

We look forward to seeing all of these projects come to life, as well as all of the projects being worked on that aren’t in the Builders Program yet! 

Lead the Builders Program

Excited about the future of community development and have experience unlocking the full potential of passionate development teams? You might be a fit to lead the Builders Program as our Community Developer Relations Lead. Apply here if you’re interested!

Apply to lead the Builders Program