AxieCon: Barcelona

Join thousands of Axie fans at AxieCon in Barcelona this September

AxieCon: Barcelona

During this 4 year journey, many of us have made friends that we’ve never met in the physical world. Friendships that span the globe and transcend physical boundaries. For too long, the Axie universe has been confined to our screens.

This September, that changes.

We’re ecstatic to invite each and every one of you to the first AxieCon this September, 7-10, in Barcelona!

AxieCon is a physical gathering of our Digital nation. Builders, battlers, dreamers, thinkers will all descend upon Barcelona for 3 days of Axie magic. Product announcements, Merch, Parties, Developer panels, Governance discussions, Esports, and so much more!

The waitlist for ticket registration is live! Stay tuned for more updates on programming and attendees.

AxieCon Waitlist Registration