Axie: Origins Season 1 Starts Today!

Origins Season 1 is here with over 1.5 M USD in AXS rewards and a new mechanic!

Axie: Origins Season 1 Starts Today!

Key Points:

  • Origins Season 1 is here with over 1.5 M USD in AXS rewards— the largest leaderboard prize pool we’ve ever seen in Axie! We’ve also thrown in a new sticker and 2 avatars as prizes.

  • Season 1 will start after maintenance concludes and last for 62 days.

  • We’ve tuned disenchanting, crafting recipes, and rank reward/crafting progression based on your feedback and data gathered from Season 0.

  • Players will now play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the start of each battle. The winner will choose whether to go first or second.

  • All Season 0 Runes and Charms are now expired. Please wait until the maintenance finishes to disenchant for Moonshards.

  • We will be deploying 1 balance patch in Season 1. This patch will come in ~2 weeks.

Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards

We’ve once again juiced up the prize pool for Origins with over 112000 AXS in total prizing. This is nearly double the Season 0 prize pool. The first place prize is over 90,000 USD!

We’ve also expanded the number of leaderboard winners to 40000, up from 20000 in Season 0. Finally, we’ve taken your feedback around more differentiation in prizing for the broadest buckets of the leaderboard.

Good luck climbing!

In addition to these AXS prizes, we’ve also introduced a sticker and 2 avatar prizes!

Any player that reaches Chick 1 will earn this “GG” sticker featuring Puffy!

The top 20000 players on the leaderboard will earn this plant-Axie avatar!

Finally, the top 1000 players on the leaderboard at season-end will earn this Pomodoro (that’s this Axie’s name) avatar border. Many of us grew up playing Warcraft 3 where a player’s avatar was a crucial means of expression and showing off your rank!

Progression Changes

We’ve made a few key updates to the crafting and rank up progression system.

First, while progressing through your crafting levels you’ll sometimes earn a special Chest instead of a specific Rune or Charm like before. When you open the Chest you will be able to choose from a given set of Charms/Runes. The Charm/Rune received will be Sealed (Not mint-able into an NFT).

Second, we’ve adjusted the rank up rewards, primarily to tune Mystic Rune/Charm supply.

Full Progression Changes

Disenchanting Changes

Disenchanting runes/charms from a previous season yields less moon shards now. However, disenchanting runes/charms that are still active DURING their season yields the same moon shards as before.

Full Disenchanting Changes

Crafting Changes

With Season 1 we have shifted to a longer 60 day season, which will effect the pacing and sense of progression on the leaderboard. We want players to unlock and build around Epic Runes/Charms earlier, while delaying players from getting Mystic Runes/Charms until much later in the season; these will give Mystic Runes/Charms the prestige and rarity they deserve while creating a more diverse meta.

Here’s a quick overview of the major changes:

  • Utility Sockets open earlier

  • Advanced Crafting unlocks earlier and increases epic chance, but no longer gives a chance to craft Mystic

  • Mystic Crafting unlocks later in the new “Master” recipe

  • SLP cost of all “Ronin B” recipes has been increased by 25%

Please note that Runes/Charms still need to wait 168 hours before they can be minted onto Ronin.

Full Crafting Changes


Based on data collected from S0, the AxieCon Origin BYOD tournament, and feedback from the community, we have decided that a balancing patch is necessary to ensure we have an exciting Season 1. We plan on deploying this patch in approximately two weeks. We wanted to jump right into Season 1 after AxieCon, which means we didn't have a chance to deploy a patch during off-season or with the start of the season, but believe that this 2 weeks notice will help you all plan your marketplace activity for Season 1 accordingly. This patch will be the last balancing patch of the season (of course, if any new bugs are introduced or there is a game-breaking issue, we will still fix them).

We acknowledge that this conflicts with our earlier guidance that we would not introduce any balancing in the middle of a Season starting with Season 1. However, given the circumstances and community feedback we believe we need to be flexible here so that the end-of-season meta will be more diverse than in Season 0. 


Players will now play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the start of each battle. The winner will choose whether to go first or second. This is a feature present in other card games that we grew up playing and should add a fun twist to the beginning of each match!

New Origins Roadmap

As revealed at AxieCon, the Origins roadmap is robust with contests, accessories, and Axie upgrading in design/development stages. We wanted to give you an updated roadmap to review now that we’ve officially entered Season 1!

Updated Origins Roadmap

Onto Season 1!

We want to thank the Axie community, the best community in Web3, for all the energy you’ve brought to our digital nation recently. Let’s continue to spread our movement by:

+ so much more!

Onwards & see you in the arena!