[Axie] October Dev Update

A massive collection of updates and announcements from the first AxieCon!

[Axie] October Dev Update

Key Points

  • The first AxieCon was a major victory chock full of new friends/allies, product announcements, and electric Esports.

  • Origins gameplay and economy continue to improve with the launch of Season 1.

  • We plan on releasing a Land Alpha for landholders in Q4 2022.

  • Ronin has quickly evolved into a battle-tested blockchain optimized for gaming and we put forth a vision for its future at AxieCon.

As we catch our collective breath from the first ever AxieCon event in Barcelona, Spain, we wanted to take a moment to share our heartfelt appreciation for each and every member of the Axie Infinity community. Throughout 2022, we have gone through considerable change, growth, and yes… struggle. However, the AxieCon experience clearly demonstrated how this journey reinforced, refined, and strengthened our community in amazing ways. Our community is our secret weapon! We know that many of you were unable to join us, and given the massive amount of announcements and updates that occurred around the event, we wanted to summarize them here for you. So hold on, here we go!


♻️ Ecosystem

Axies are the primary characters and the “keys” which unlock infinite experiences within our gaming ecosystem.  Today, these fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure are all uniquely defined by a series of Ronin on-chain genetic characteristics.  However, our vision has always been that Axies become truly individualized through both gaming achievements and experiences, as well as the imaginations of their owners!  At the AxieCon day one keynote, we gave our community an update on our progress in Axie customization.

As you likely know, all Axies have six body parts.  Our plan is that each body part will have multiple levels of upgrades that can be unlocked through both effort and achievement.  Part upgrades will bring new stat boosts and abilities, further rune and charm optionality, and of course new art and aesthetics!  During AxieCon, we showed off some of the work-in-progress art for part upgrades, as shown below!

All art is work-in-progress and subject to change!

Additionally, we unveiled a series of examples of Axie cosmetics and accessories!  We hope that community members will use these to truly personalize their Axies, and make them stand out as one-of-a-kind citizens of Lunacia.  Players can earn these types of customizations through things like seasonal gaming leaderboards, crafting, or perhaps even as rewards to those who spend time collecting different types of Axies.  We asked Puffy, Buba, and Olek to model some of these items for the event. Take a look!

All art is work-in-progress and subject to change!

As hopefully you can see, Axies will truly become one of a kind characters within the universe. Each of these truly unique “citizens” will live within a rich, well-defined world filled with deep narrative foundations, engaging stories and infinite experiences.  This world will be the canvas on which your Axies’ story will be written. The universe will be fully realized by us all, each of us collectively contributing to the overall lore of Axie Infinity.  We continue to work hard on establishing the foundations for Axie world-building so that everyone within our community is empowered to both contribute to and participate within the world of Lunacia.  Thanks to emerging partnerships with community members and partnerships with seasoned veterans like Strider, we believe incredible things are possible.  During AxieCon, we hosted a session on Axie Infinity world lore to give the community a sneak preview on what’s planned.  Take a look!

We believe that all of this work is essential to making Axie Infinity an ecosystem that is accessible and continuously engaging to everyone no matter how they might like to play.