Axie Infinity: Origins Official Trailer

The official trailer is live now!

Axie Infinity: Origins Official Trailer

One of the biggest leeks to come out of AxieCon 2022: Day 1 was this masterpiece of a cinematic trailer. We couldn’t be more excited to share it with the entire community.

The speed of updates, balancing patches and bug fixes this game has undergone over the last few months was only enabled by the community support we received, and is a true testament to building in public.

If you played the early access build, shared gameplay feedback, talked about Axie Infinity to your friends and family, participated in community discourse, or supported this game in any way whatsoever - then this trailer is for you.

There’s an easter egg at 1 minute 42 seconds. We’re officially refreshing the name. It will now be known as Axie Infinity: Origins! This name change is representative of a polished gameplay that is ready for the world.

Enjoy, fellow Lunacians.