Attack On Titan: 5 Ways Mikasa Was Eren's Best Friend & 5 It Was Armin

Both Mikasa and Armin have been by Eren's side since the beginning. But which of them was the better friend at the end?

Attack On Titan: 5 Ways Mikasa Was Eren's Best Friend & 5 It Was Armin

Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert were supporting heroes of the Attack On Titan universe and Eren's closest friends since childhood. The former possesses incredible battle prowess and physical strength, while the latter is one of Paradis' finest tacticians, arguably surpassing Erwin himself. Both have proven their worth in numerous instances.

However, there remains contention about which of them is more dear to Eren's heart. By identifying their greatest actions on his behalf, we can better discern how his friends have helped him and which of them deserves such an honorary position.

10. Armin Saved Eren When He Lost Control Over His Titan

Armin wakes up eren aot

During Eren's mission to plug a hole in one of Paradis' breached walls, he lost control of his titan and went limp. This was much to the distress of Mikasa, as she could only hold off the marauding pure titans for a limited amount of time.

Having calculated exactly where and how Eren emerges from his titan when receding into his human form, Armin stuck his blade into the nape of his neck without striking him directly. As a result, his friend was reawakened, now able to properly fulfil his mission on behalf of the Scouts.

9. Mikasa Saved Eren & Armin From Bullies

Mikasa saves eren childhood

Although Eren was responsible for saving Armin from bullies in childhood, he often needed just as much rescuing once the delinquents had turned their attention to him.

Fortunately, Mikasa played the role of such a saviour, tirelessly leaping into the fray in order to save her friend and fledgling romantic interest from his assailants. The young girl provided such formidable assistance that Eren's bullies would learn to retreat the second she came into their peripheral vision - and wisely so. Mikasa did not take kindly to their attempts in fighting back and pummeled the ruffians even worse when they tried to resist.

8. Armin Put Himself In Front Of Kitz Woermann & Begged On Eren's Behalf

Armin saves eren from kitz

After it had been revealed that Eren was a titan shifter, the citizens of Paradis were understandably frightened. Kitz Woermann in particular sought nothing more than to reduce the hero (and any who stood with him) into pulp through overwhelming cannon fire.

Valiantly, Armin put himself between the titan and his assailants, defending Eren from accusations and citing the monsters he defeated single-handedly. While his words alone weren't sufficient in persuading Kitz, they bought enough time for Dot Pyxis to enter the scene and save the day.

7. Mikasa Saved Eren From Lara Tybur

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 War Hammer Titan

When Eren fought Lara's War Hammer Titan, he soon realized how badly he was outmatched. The woman's crystallized weapons were powerful enough to smash through his hardened body with ease and afforded her a significant range advantage.

Mikasa saved Eren when the Scouts made their appearance, thrusting several thunder spears into the woman's back and setting her off-balance. She agreed to buy her friend time while he assessed the titan for potential weaknesses - a gambit that would ultimately pay off.

6. Armin Obliterated An Entire Marleyan Dock To Help Ensure Eren's Escape

Although Armin felt remorse for the destruction of Marley and the innocent lives his detonation claimed, he nonetheless greatly assisted Eren by transforming into the colossal.

Doing so obliterated Marley's ports, wiping out their armada and creating enough distraction for his friend to escape. Moreover, seeing the Colossal returned to Eldian hands was a blow that demoralized the enemy nation and forced them to realize how utterly the Warriors had failed in their mission to weaken Paradis.

5. Mikasa Helped To Free Eren From Reiner After He Was Kidnapped

Mikasa vs ymir

Mikasa was a massive asset in procuring Eren's liberation after he had been abducted by Reiner and Bertholdt. She was much more determined than the other Scouts and would have killed the traitorous Ymir if not for Historia's pleading.

After Eren was saved, she stood with him during the second confrontation with the Smiling Titan and witnessed the power of the Founding Titan firsthand. Its defeat by other pure titans would provide both of them the closure they needed to move on from the first incident at Shiganshina.

4. Armin Gave Eren The Distraction He Needed To Defeat Bertholdt

Armin gets injured

The Colossal Titan's steam made it extremely difficult for any of the Scouts to reach him since it was powerful enough to deflect thunder spears. In order to overcome it, Armin willingly allowed his entire body to be seared so that Bertholdt's defences would be weakened.

Having been convinced by Eren's crystal shell decoy, Bertholdt was completely off guard when the hero attacked him from behind and sliced through the nape of his neck. Without Armin's sacrifice, the Colossal's defeat never would have been possible.

3. Mikasa Led The Attack Against The Marleyans During Their Invasion Of Paradis

Mikasa prepares to fight

When Mikasa, Armin, and other political dissenters were being held in a Yeagerist prison, Onyankopon willingly released them in order to combat the sudden Marleyan invasion.

Mikasa led reinforcements into the fray, immediately targeting Pieck in order to prevent her from gunning down Eren just as easily as she had Zeke. The distraction she provided allowed the Attack Titan to make contact with his half-brother and unlock the full potential of the Founder. As useful as Mikasa may have been in saving her country, she would live to regret her role in starting the Rumbling.

2. Armin Was With Eren In His Final Moments

Eren confesses his feelings

Although Mikasa was the one to behead Eren, Armin was with him in his last moments. Together for one final time (presumably in the Path), he shared his regrets, ambitions, and hopes for his friends, paradoxically wishing for Mikasa to be happy and that she never move on from him.

He also confessed that his actions were all for the direct benefit of his comrades. Were it not for Armin's presence, Eren's existence would have flickered into nothingness, forgotten and misunderstood by the rest of the world.

1. Mikasa Helped Eren Against Annie Leonhart

Forest fight

The fight in titan country between Eren and Annie quickly took a turn for the worst. With superior training and hardening abilities, the Marleyan agent defeated her adversary in moments and swallowed him before attempting to make her escape.

Mikasa and Levi worked together in order to save Eren from her clutches and preserve Paradis' greatest chance at success. The former would prove her worth a second time when stopping Annie from making her escape by scaling the city's walls. Through slicing off the female titan's fingers, Mikasa delivered the villainess back into Eren's waiting clutches.