App.axie Is Here!

The Axie Marketplace Is Evolving

App.axie Is Here!

Introducing App.axie!

Today, the Axie Marketplace enters the next phase of its evolution with a flurry of upgrades.

To reflect our substantially loftier ambitions for it, we are unveiling a new name for the marketplace— App.axie!1


This release marks the beginning of an iterative launch process that will transform App.axie into an even more powerful hub for boosting economic activity and on-boarding to our growing digital nation.

Stay tuned for more on this at Jeff (Shade) Kam’s keynote presentation at AxieCon!

Upgrades & Updates!

First, we’ve added a new homepage, complete with more stats around both engagement and economic activity. We know the importance of data transparency and are excited to roll out these initial stats to the community. We will be upgrading this over time based on feedback from Twitter, Discord, & Commonwealth.

Next, we’ve added a new games section. As our universe expands, App.axie will need to support new games built by Sky Mavis, the community, and game developers wishing to tap into our ecosystem’s vast energy and engagement. Over time we’ll flesh this section out to act as a portal into Origin, Land, Builder Program games, and more! Players will be able to learn more about specific games through this section— something that will become increasingly important as options expand. We want the lines between the Mavis Hub game launcher/store and App.axie to blur over time.

Recessive Genes

This is something that you’ve been asking us for years and we’re excited to roll it out— recessive genes natively on the marketplace! This is a crucial feature that will help ensure that the next generation of breeders have access to all the info they need while planning their bloodlines.

Big shoutout to community developer, Freak, his custom tool had been shouldering the load on this request for many years now— a crucial example of how community contributors build with us and help guide our approach to development.

New Tags For Collectible axies

We have plans to amplify and further distinguish collectible axies through App.axie. As a starting point, we’ve added new tags to and icons to collectibles axies with Summer, Xmas, and Japanese axies finally getting tags of their own! This will help ensure that these special axies get the attention and care they deserve. We also anticipate some interesting combinations of tags bringing new eyeballs to these special axies.

New Listing UI

We’ve deployed an updated and upgraded listing UI to make the experience of selling an Axie easier to understand.

Remember, this is just the first of many upgrades and updates to the marketplace. We know that there are many features that you all are super excited for such as offers, axie bundles, and badges to name a few!



The new marketplace URL is:

The old URL will now redirect to the new one.