Aliens Fireteam Elite: The 5 Easter Eggs Fans Don't Want to Miss

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is filled with Easter eggs and references to the Alien franchise. Here are some of the best in the new co-op shooter.

Aliens Fireteam Elite: The 5 Easter Eggs Fans Don't Want to Miss

The new co-op survival shooter from Cold Iron Studios Aliens: Fireteam Elite is absolutely teeming with references to the Alien franchise. The game is the first canon entry in the franchise to move the mythology's timeline forward since the films. While creating the game, the developers dived into the wealth of media that makes up the Alien franchise to ensure they made the game Alien fans wanted.

Every inch of the title shows that it was made by fans of the franchise. Because of this, there are loads of Easter eggs to find while going through the game's Campaigns. Here are five that shouldn't be missed.

Rock'em Sock'em Robot

Aliens Fireteam Elite Easter Egg Feature
(Aliens: Fireteam Elite - 5 Easter Eggs and References)

This is likely the first Easter egg eagle-eyed players will come across after starting their tour of duty aboard the UAS Endeavor. Tucked in a half-closed room in the back is a broken-down Power Loader, there's a hard-working Marine by its side, trying their hardest to get the iconic piece of equipment back up and running again.

Power Loaders are powered exoskeletons used in maintenance, repair or construction. They're bipedal and equipped with hydraulic claws to hold and manipulate objects. The Power Loader also has a special place in Alien lore, as fans of the films will recall that Ripley used it to slay a Xenomorph Queen. Additionally, the Colonial Marines frequently use them to help load or offload cargo.

Space Jockey

Aliens Fireteam Elite Space Jockey
(Aliens: Fireteam Elite - 5 Easter Eggs and References)

About halfway through the third campaign's third mission, players will pass through a room that will be instantly familiar to anyone who's seen, Alien. It can be easy to run past one of the most direct homages to the first Alien movie in the heat of fighting off a swarm, but players keeping their eyes peeled will notice the other-worldly cockpit for an Engineer ship.

In the first film, the cockpit appears early, when the Nostromo's crew descends into the derelict Engineer vessel on LV-426. In Alien, there's a dead Engineer in the seat of the cockpit, its chest burst from a hatching Xenomorph, but in-game, it's wide open for a new pilot. It's a shame the Colonial Marines would disapprove of players taking the ship out for a spin.

Poor Jonesy

Alien Fireteam Elite Jonesy
(Aliens: Fireteam Elite - 5 Easter Eggs and References)

Jonesy the orange tabby cat was the only other survivor of the Nostromo, who escaped with Ripley and entered into a 57 year-long cryo-sleep. Aliens revealed that Jonesy was revived along with her, and the two share a short reunion before Ripley returns to LV-426, leaving the cat behind.

In Aliens: Fireteam Elite, players can learn what may have happened to Jonesy. In the second campaign, at the start of mission two, if players turn around and retrace their steps, they'll eventually arrive at the bombed-out bridge they'd crossed in the prior Mission. Over to the right of where the bridge begins is a peculiar corpse, clearly one of a cat with strange scaly plating on its back and no fur. Though it's not confirmed whose cat this way, it's possible Jonesy suffered a grim fate.

A Flute?

Aliens Fireteam Elite Engineer Flute
(Aliens: Fireteam Elite - 5 Easter Eggs and References)

In the third campaign's third mission, there's a sneaky little homage to Prometheus tucked away. The Mission will take players into a circular room with a command console towards the back left. Upon further examination, a flute can be seen lying across the controls. Some may remember a similar-looking utensil used by the Android David in Prometheus. David recognizes the instrument as a means to interact with the Engineer technology during the film and subsequently reawakens everything lying dormant on the Engineer's ship. You can't play this one in-game, but it is an Intel collectable.

Rumor Has It...

(Aliens: Fireteam Elite - 5 Easter Eggs and References)

Many of the Intel items in Aliens: Fireteam Elite hold the best references and Easter eggs to the franchise. The collectables are hidden throughout Missions in the game, and there are even a couple stashed on the Endeavor. Some make subtle reference to the disaster on Sevestapol station à la Alien: Isolation or the Xenomorphs that have appeared in other Alien video games.

Others go into detail about how things in the universe work, like Engineer's helmets. It's all told through fully voiced NPCs on the Endeavor, who lend a little bit of their own flavour to the info. It can be a lot of work hunting the hidden Intel items down, but it's well worth it for fans.